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Sunday, April 13, 2014

County Fair 2014 - Pics and Video

The nice thing about having the kids close in age is that they had fun riding the rides together...expect when Addison saw some of her classmates(boys) from school she ditched Enzo to ride with the boys. Thankfully Enzo didn't mind riding by himself but Brian was rolling his!! 

Brian took both kids down the slide

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Photo Updates - March 2014

 photo E8FD5C29-1811-4CE4-8209-2D6234B4CAA9.jpg
Local Elementary School musical that Mom, Addison and I went to see last week
 photo F5963497-19AE-4C10-A222-5EE02A832AA4.jpg
 photo CFFCC327-EDAD-4420-932A-CC365D8F7E5D.jpg
 photo EC428EB9-8DA3-48E4-AD4E-C00ACB2A42C3.jpg
Restaurant with a playground at the this place!
 photo 32AF16DA-C95D-4FA9-8B50-6B7545C2B22A.jpg
She loves shrimp
 photo E69A3490-45AE-47D4-8013-D6C2F753DF54.jpg
 photo FF6B5D3B-ECDB-47B9-8B60-CADB533301C8.jpg
I asked her to get dressed Saturday morning and this is what she picked out :)
 photo EF456080-A407-4940-AB24-232B3EAF0325.jpg
Found a playground with a carousel!!  Our new favorite park!
 photo 670BA6BF-C7E8-454F-8AEC-13E262C4013E.jpg
 photo C21390C4-1DAD-4227-98E8-FA7D5CD17031.jpg
 photo CEA27120-FCAF-4438-BA45-19167FAE3330.jpg
Annual St. Patrick's Day Crockpot dinner
 photo 322593C2-1C7A-413C-9F12-A03AB46F1815.jpg
 photo DF8A63C9-72A6-4A4E-9526-1DE6778D2D85.jpg
 photo 53FAC042-C700-4D43-BE75-BD020DFD0E3B.jpg
 photo 44C605B7-AA29-43E0-8319-9EED4DB46C7B.jpg
Sunday picnic by the river with Nana and Papa

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Phone Photo Dump

I haven’t done a phone fun Friday in awhile so here are some of our recent cell pics.

 photo 6A9A2EFA-31D6-409D-9A20-9B3D7AF0FE41.jpg
Enjoying a local park
 photo 3D20FFF8-710D-4B96-A40F-6D2DD8971EF2.jpg
Playground Fun
 photo 178B7B84-7B9E-4D20-8A53-5D6F3F8C993A.jpg
Someone starts gymnastics this month!!
 photo C644F830-975E-4A73-9ED4-968BD6E634AB.jpg
Thanks Uncle Dana and Aunt Amber for my new Ariel pajamas
 photo 1298A5FF-DA4A-4CA0-BF30-1286A0F77EF8.jpg
3rd Course - Beef Wellington at New Year's Eve dinner in St. Augustine
 photo EC574BF4-118E-4EF3-A926-A3FD6A3B9696.jpg
3rd Course - Prime Rib at New Year's Eve dinner in St. Augustine
 photo 76AC7E4A-5A47-458F-865E-AAFF4F889AA6.jpg
Fourth Course - Key Lime Pie
 photo A38BBA01-805E-404E-8F30-16BCA526DCA9.jpg
Fourth Course - Cheesecake with berries
 photo 17F46D06-0B01-4C21-8565-4D464618BE9B.jpg
New Year = New Pinterest adventure
 photo A84547B5-E4C0-4D49-9084-4A438D0467D8.jpg
 photo 7C8F52EA-8243-4DD0-B203-D48377CD1B92.jpg
Pizza Night
 photo B999A9B5-8D70-42C9-B3C6-ABD16E9FBE80.jpg  photo 48B8398B-1338-4ACB-B767-95F0408E0A45.jpg
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