Friday, December 18, 2015

MRI Results

My complete MRI results.  My only concern is under the impression section where it says "tiny area of demyelinizaton"

IV CONTRAST: 7 ml Gadavist (Gadobutrol 1mmol/mL) cumulative dose for multiple exams

TECHNIQUE: Multiplanar, multisequence examination of the brain was performed with and without contrast.


CEREBRUM: The ventricles are normal for age. No evidence of midline shift, mass lesion, hemorrhage or acute infarction. No extraaxial fluid collections are seen. The pituitary gland and suprasellar cistern are normal in configuration.

WHITE MATTER: Minimal signal abnormalities are seen in the white matter.

POSTERIOR FOSSA: The cerebellum and brainstem are intact. The 4th ventricle is midline. The cerebellopontine angle is unremarkable. The cerebellar tonsils are normal in position.

DIFFUSION IMAGING: No focal areas of restricted diffusion are seen. No evidence of acute infarction.

EXTRACRANIAL: The visualized portions of the orbits and paranasal sinuses are unremarkable.

POST-CONTRAST: No abnormal areas of parenchymal or dural enhancement. No evidence of blood-brain barrier breakdown.


No intracranial mass or midline shift. No abnormal enhancement. Specifically no mass identified at the skull base. Minimal linear signal abnormality left frontal lobe likely of no clinical consequence and probably representing a tiny area of demyelinization.

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