Monday, February 24, 2014

Sugar and Spice

This weekend we had both kids at the Doctor...again. This is such a vicious cycle. This time Addison has strep and Enzo has a sinus infection. As I was talking to them both about the other being sick this is how my conversation went.

Me to Addison: Enzo is sick.

Addison's Response (in her excited fast talking voice): Can we take him to the Doctor so they will give him a shot?

Me to Enzo: Your sister is sick.

Enzo's Response (as his puppy dog face appears and he get tears in his eyes) Mommy, can I give her a kiss?

Sugar and Spice...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Photo Updates

 photo 92064FC9-5D5C-41BE-BE5A-2CF050E46B42_1.jpg
First Ribbons
 photo AE12D547-0BD0-412A-82EA-71328486375E_1.jpg
Kisses from Nana and Papa's Dog, Lady
 photo 55B10AEF-9549-4486-B784-CB99149E863C.jpg
She only looks sweet and innocent
 photo 45CA28FD-C9B3-480A-97D0-48BD391384A5.jpg
Baby Shower for my friend Amanda
 photo 64FD10B4-2888-4CF4-B14B-41F811B6BA74_1.jpg
Baby Shower was at a tea room in Orlando
 photo A78D5D0E-D3BA-43E0-9509-75F0540F69F5.jpg
Yorkshire Gold Tea at the shower

 photo 0B04266A-29BB-4F5F-90B9-0C34E6A77ECD_1.jpg
40 Valentine's for A & E's classmates
 photo 052B57DA-346D-436B-AD4C-DB7A7D5470C8.jpg
Life's toughest decision for a 4 year old
 photo 39E59270-FB71-4C03-BC64-8BC68E45CA6D.jpg
Pic from her 1st soccer practice

Valentine's Day 2014

Enzo and Addison say - "Thanks Papa D and Beth for our edible arrangement and balloons.  We love it and miss you guys!"

 photo A1D062FC-7682-4CF3-8609-347F89858AF1.jpg  photo C97BDC71-C32D-42B8-A60A-1A66B2596722.jpg  photo 0F122C12-5DEC-4046-83CF-E68606BB86ED.jpg  photo C3C1F91A-A58F-4D3E-88BD-2719CAB8290D.jpg  photo 2A92C478-A109-4003-A64F-F897C60EE25E.jpg  photo E056A619-9878-49EF-91CD-27EE6891BEA9.jpg  photo 92D63377-E060-4922-B2BA-ABDC9D63A0B9.jpg  photo C4D163EB-59DF-4A97-A1D2-1B465572BB77.jpg

Monday, February 10, 2014

Addison's First Soccer Practice

Addison had her first soccer practice this weekend. During practice she kept running to the stands where we were sitting. She was on a team with older kids therefore she didn't know anyone on her team. We were hoping she would be on the same team as her best friends but unfortunately they were assigned to different teams. At the end she said she didn't like soccer and next time she goes she'll just sit and watch. She was nervous the whole time biting her nails and looking to make sure we were still there. She doesn't do these things at gymnastics so I truly believe she doesn't like the sport. We are going to take her to one more practice just to make sure and if she doesn't want to play we aren't going to force it. She wants to do cheer and that will start this fall so two sports for her at this age is plenty. The pictures below are her with her two best friends from school.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Go Kart Fun

Yesterday we had a day out with just Addison.  She’s starting soccer this week and we needed to do some shopping to get her shoes, shorts and shin guards so we decided to make an afternoon out of it.  While out we drove by a go kart place.  The child in Brian immediately turned the car around.  Addison was nervous at first but after a couple laps she was laughing and giggling.  Thanks to my parents for watching Enzo for the afternoon!

 photo 97AB8EDB-66C3-4ACB-B478-113C0B920D1D.jpg
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