Thursday, August 28, 2014

Meniere's Disease Update

Yesterday I had my follow-up with my ENT.  He reviewed my hearing tests and stated that at this point we will continue with the low sodium diet.  He stated that there are several ways to treat the disease and over time the effectiveness of each treatment can diminish. 
He stated that once the low sodium no longer gives positive results then he will put me on a diuretic.  After that eardrum injections and lastly – surgery.   

I stated that several people have had success with Acyclovir and asked if that would be something for me to try and he said no.  He stated that there is no known cure and although some people may have had success it’s not successful for all.  In several studies of cadavers and double blind studies nothing has stood out pointing to a viral infection causing Meniere’s.

He stated that the University of Iowa is leading in Meniere’s research.  He stated that they do several research studies but mainly with people who’s Meniere’s has advanced.  He also stated Dr. Rauch in Boston is well known for treating people with Meniere's.   

He stated that I’m lucky we caught and diagnosed it early.  And that we will continue to monitor it.

He stated once my hearing starts to deteriorate then he will refer me to a Doctor at the Hearing and Balance Institute in North Florida.  I’m hoping that won’t happen :)

I’m continuing with my upper cervical care and natural supplements to help treat the symptoms and hopefully slow the hearing loss.

At this point I’m having good and bad days but more good days so that is keeping me hopeful!


  1. Glad you're feeling better! Hoping it doesn't progress and only continues to get better. My husband struggles with this too. I see how horrible & debilitating it is.

  2. What doctor was it and where in N. Florida? I live in North Florida and am ready to see if there is anything new out there.


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