Sunday, April 6, 2014

Giving Back to the Community

By now you may have noticed that I’m not posting on this blog as often as I used to.  Hard to believe I was doing daily posts at one time!!  Between my full time job, being a wife and Mommy I’m also devoting a lot of time to my other website.  It is growing by leaps and bounds.  My goal is to provide resources to those in the community via my site.  Last night I hosted my first public event in which I brought a local coupon expert in to host a coupon class FREE of charge to those in the community.  It was a success and next month we are hosting another one.  I’m also in talks with a local cloth diaper expert to host a class for parents free of charge.  I love helping others!! 

Here are a couple pics from last night’s coupon class.

Flagler County Family Fun Founder/Publisher - Sara with local coupon expert and class presenter Ms. Jacqueline (in pink)
April Coupon Class - Great turnout and lots of useful information.

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