Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Enzo and Addison say - "Thanks Papa D and Beth for our edible arrangement and balloons.  We love it and miss you guys!"

 photo A1D062FC-7682-4CF3-8609-347F89858AF1.jpg  photo C97BDC71-C32D-42B8-A60A-1A66B2596722.jpg  photo 0F122C12-5DEC-4046-83CF-E68606BB86ED.jpg  photo C3C1F91A-A58F-4D3E-88BD-2719CAB8290D.jpg  photo 2A92C478-A109-4003-A64F-F897C60EE25E.jpg  photo E056A619-9878-49EF-91CD-27EE6891BEA9.jpg  photo 92D63377-E060-4922-B2BA-ABDC9D63A0B9.jpg  photo C4D163EB-59DF-4A97-A1D2-1B465572BB77.jpg

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