Sunday, January 5, 2014

Phone Photo Dump

I haven’t done a phone fun Friday in awhile so here are some of our recent cell pics.

 photo 6A9A2EFA-31D6-409D-9A20-9B3D7AF0FE41.jpg
Enjoying a local park
 photo 3D20FFF8-710D-4B96-A40F-6D2DD8971EF2.jpg
Playground Fun
 photo 178B7B84-7B9E-4D20-8A53-5D6F3F8C993A.jpg
Someone starts gymnastics this month!!
 photo C644F830-975E-4A73-9ED4-968BD6E634AB.jpg
Thanks Uncle Dana and Aunt Amber for my new Ariel pajamas
 photo 1298A5FF-DA4A-4CA0-BF30-1286A0F77EF8.jpg
3rd Course - Beef Wellington at New Year's Eve dinner in St. Augustine
 photo EC574BF4-118E-4EF3-A926-A3FD6A3B9696.jpg
3rd Course - Prime Rib at New Year's Eve dinner in St. Augustine
 photo 76AC7E4A-5A47-458F-865E-AAFF4F889AA6.jpg
Fourth Course - Key Lime Pie
 photo A38BBA01-805E-404E-8F30-16BCA526DCA9.jpg
Fourth Course - Cheesecake with berries
 photo 17F46D06-0B01-4C21-8565-4D464618BE9B.jpg
New Year = New Pinterest adventure
 photo A84547B5-E4C0-4D49-9084-4A438D0467D8.jpg
 photo 7C8F52EA-8243-4DD0-B203-D48377CD1B92.jpg
Pizza Night
 photo B999A9B5-8D70-42C9-B3C6-ABD16E9FBE80.jpg  photo 48B8398B-1338-4ACB-B767-95F0408E0A45.jpg

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