Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Long Awaited Journey

Excitement is building as we prepare to leave tomorrow.  The kids can sense something is happening because all this week they have been waking up at different times of the night and only falling back to sleep in our bed.  Needless to say the lack of sleep has now caused me to start getting a cold...the day before our trip...Murphy's Law strikes again.  I'm off to get some Zicam today in hopes of warding it off.  

So much to do today.  Pack, run errands, appts, etc.  Thank goodness I took the day off.  I usually don't procrastinate this much but it's hard to pack a suitcase when you have little ones that go behind you and unpack everything.  Brian on the other hand is a procrastinator so he will surely be packing at midnight tonight.  

I'm going to miss the kids like crazy.  It will be the first time I've been away from Enzo (I think...trying to remember past business trips) It will definitely be the longest amount of time I've been away from both of them.  Thankfully Brian is flying back this weekend so they will only have a few days away from him.  I hope that will ease the fact that I will be gone longer.

 So excited to meet my birth mom and her family for the first time this weekend.  Lots of excitement and emotions as I prepare for the big day!
 I'll be sure to share lots of pics when I return...and maybe a few while I'm there if I have time to get online.

Friday, August 23, 2013

First Week of Pre K

First week of Pre K is done!! Happy Friday! (Sorry for the grainy pic. I took with my cell phone in low lighting.)

 photo 125B1BA4-7B20-4CC1-B21E-C9DB18CF6B74-9098-0000088EB1FBE9D2.jpg

Phone Fun Friday - First Week of School Lunches

 photo 0FF41310-7C1C-4267-AA21-597C21DF9A35-6920-0000071062230025.jpg  photo 1FB98AA6-19E6-4883-AAA2-D0B8D8D4FA10-7987-000007CC9BAA6BE9.jpg  photo 4D31D350-A649-4F8A-854D-E5834E53BE5E-7987-000007CD1C8EF9BD.jpg

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekend Pics

This weekend we took Addison shopping for clothes and school supplies. She starts Pre-K tomorrow!

 photo DD618ABC-E934-45AD-9591-CFA0652A5B4F-4954-0000055213FFFFAA.jpg
 photo 3D35DE76-B22C-4A30-BDF7-527E0D6B4A97-4954-00000551DF5E3C2D.jpg
Wishing fountain at the shopping center
 photo C8D53BDC-6924-4E59-B614-890EF755C6DC-5207-000005677480F6E4.jpg
Trying to get creative with snack ideas. Banana, Peanut Butter and Raisins.

 photo 19B80766-808B-4612-B918-A79D275B24BF-4954-000005523297C343.jpg
Artichoke Fritters at lunch with a co-worker last week.

 photo 8C73DD71-1741-4B19-9653-B4475D282C97-4954-0000055239353052.jpg
Tea Forte - love this concept of how the ice tea was served
 photo 96845E16-2132-4FD5-882B-DCC12150A32E-4954-0000055255152FB8.jpg
Brian got the kids a ball pit for their room.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I've recently been sorting through old pictures as I prepare for my trip to meet my birthmother. Came across this pic of me as a baby.

 photo EA25555A-D416-4AC4-89AE-71CC79BD8F43-2098-000002538A982469.jpg

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day Out with Nana

All this week the kids school/daycare is closed in preparation of school starting next week. Thankfully my parents are watching them this week. Yesterday Nana treated Addison to a movie (Disney's Planes), manicure, pedicure and ice cream!! Needless to say the kids are loving this week.

 photo F5B33F99-6BDE-4E15-9317-12AFD4562E6E-833-00000118F90A2165.jpg photo 1674FC7B-6207-42C3-BB96-83B08C7D9AE7-833-00000118F3CFD092-1.jpg photo 770EDC95-E0A9-42BF-9A19-380EB8C85603-1325-000001D24F843598.jpg

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Movies in the Park

Friday evening I took Addison to "Movies in the Park." She had her 4 year old check up and shots earlier that afternoon. The movie (Escape from Planet Earth) didn't start until 8:30pm so by 9:30p she started to complain that her legs hurt and she was getting sleepy. She fell asleep at the very end of the movie but still had enough fun to talk about it all weekend. Thanks to my parents for watching Enzo so I could enjoy some 1:1 time with Addison.
 photo EA4DE1C3-564F-4B18-9474-A00F10934077-287-0000003705735282.jpg photo 4B1FB28C-5130-4EDD-B4EE-D9CE4E804DE6-287-00000036FBBAD32B.jpg

Friday, August 9, 2013

Phone Fun Friday

 photo 7D6CCCD1-1973-4DA8-AF70-F1F03E3A8FBC-5054-0000044A3C0C2E2A.jpg
When brothers attack...
 photo 47E02BEA-CAD9-4325-AC47-0D4571FF64E6-5054-0000044A22E15F99.jpg
Big Boy Haircut
 photo B15FE80D-9770-4392-A43A-D5D6BBCD8EB9-5054-0000044A18DAEE62.jpg
Ready for her photo session
 photo E495496B-BBA9-4CEC-BCFE-757C82478E37-5054-0000044A49C4C0CE.jpg
So excited about her new light up shoes that she's been begging for
 photo 1FFEE186-9861-48FD-8102-608C5E024774-5054-00000449D7501DD1.jpg
Golden Gate Roll
 photo 1C28A4F8-24E9-45BC-A42E-7BB4AA4AFAD9-5054-00000449DF208769.jpg
Volcano Roll
 photo 4D12AA65-B8EE-4BA2-9895-E2512B52F70E-5054-0000044A5E7A8AA8.jpg
Funnel cloud pic Brian captured in Jacksonville
 photo E8CCD6A8-D4D4-48D7-AEA0-E26F65863AB7-5054-00000449FEDBDEF9.jpg
Sunday fun with Nana and Papa

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Swim Progress

The 5 week swim class that we enrolled Addison and Enzo in has been eventful. We have had only 2 classes so far and the last 3 have been rained out. In the meantime we've been having them swim often and Addison is improving everytime. She dives to the bottom for the dive sticks, does flips underwater and just this weekend swam the length of the pool multiple times. The first attempt she only came up once for air. She's doing great!! Enzo is a little daredevil in the water. He attempts to jump in on his own and it sets me into a panic. He has no fear.

Monday, August 5, 2013

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