Friday, May 31, 2013

Phone Fun Friday

 photo twins.jpg
Nieces at 16 Weeks (Elly Left / Addy Right)

 photo park-1.jpg
Enjoying a day at the park

 photo eastergrass.jpg
The kids thought it would be fun to get the Easter baskets out and "sprinkle" the house with Easter grass...not my idea of fun ;-)

 photo droffice.jpg
Re-check of their ears after both had double ear infections.  If Enzo gets another before July we have to see the ENT specialist about possibly getting tubes.

 photo IMG_8689.jpg
Enjoying an Arbor Day Celebration in town

 photo paint1.jpg
Picasso in training
  photo park1.jpg
 photo E63796FF-3498-4550-8BDD-87A6DD9268BD-16912-0000145110FEE88D.jpg
Mischevious...the look of guilt

 photo 4B853AB9-1DF0-4C17-A911-3794B06416C1-16912-000014513DC7A7AB.jpg
Cornhole tournament at a friend's house Memorial Day weekend

 photo D543C147-9A85-4B22-A374-18A2787F67DE-16912-0000145124D030E0.jpg
Licking the bowl after making brownies

 photo IMG_6020.jpg
The kid's school was closed this week so they went to Ms. Tracie's.  They love it there!

 photo IMG_6018.jpg
Breakfast at Ms. Tracie's

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Family Adoption Story

Growing up my cousin Tami and I were best friends. We were only 6 months apart in age and spent lots of time together.

After she got married they struggled to conceive. They decided to take the adoption route. After waiting several years they were blessed with a son, Trevor 5 years ago. As he got older they requested to be put on the waiting list again.

Last week they received a phone call letting them know they would be parents again.  On Thursday they were blessed with a beautiful new son, Harper. He was born 6 weeks ago.  They are beyond the moon happy. They always wanted a sibling for Trevor and Trevor always wanted a little brother.  I love happy endings!! 

 photo Harper.jpg
 photo Trevor.jpg

Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

For Mother's Day we spent the weekend at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm.  The weather was perfect and Enzo was in awe of the gators.  Addison needed constant reassurance that the alligators weren't able to get out.

 photo alligator1.jpg  photo alligator2.jpg  photo alligator3.jpg  photo alligator4.jpg  photo turtle1.jpg  photo turtle2.jpg  photo gators.jpg  photo snake.jpg  photo zoo.jpg  photo sleeping.jpg

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Retirement to my Mom

Today my Mom retires from teaching.  For the past 38 years she's provided an educational foundation for hundreds of children.  Thank you for your relentless passion and dedication to others.  Now it's time for you to relax, spend time with the grand kids, enjoy the Florida lifestyle and not worry about another snow day again!  Congrats!!

 photo ProfessionalWeddingPics1142.jpg

Friday, May 10, 2013

5 Year Anniversary

To the one who runneth my cup over, squeezes my heart and is more than enough, I can assure you the world is a better place just because he is in it.  Happy Anniversary to my everything. 
 photo ProfessionalWeddingPics1302.jpg

 photo ProfessionalWeddingPics1854-1.jpg

 photo ProfessionalWeddingPics1639.jpg

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Birthparents

Several of my friends and family members have contacted me requesting pics of my birthparents.  They are as anxious as I was to see what they look like and what similarities we have.  Without further ado...

 photo birthparents.jpg

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Golf Party

A couple week's ago we celebrated Addison's 4th Birthday by having a golf party.  We had about 20 guests join us for a fun filled afternoon. 

 photo AB.jpg  photo BD_Final.jpg  photo 97715137-845B-4BF9-9962-93D0C24C1276-492-0000004788F3491A.jpg  photo EB898422-3F4F-4054-90FC-1BA3E1C2C2AD-3232-000004886C4314B4.jpg  photo IMG_8619-1.jpg  photo IMG_8620-1.jpg  photo IMG_8621-1.jpg  photo IMG_8622-1.jpg  photo IMG_8623-1.jpg  photo IMG_8624-1.jpg  photo IMG_8625-1.jpg  photo IMG_8627-1.jpg  photo IMG_8628-1.jpg  photo IMG_8629-1.jpg  photo IMG_8630-1.jpg  photo IMG_8631-1.jpg  photo IMG_8632-1.jpg  photo IMG_8633-1.jpg  photo IMG_8634-1.jpg  photo IMG_8635-1.jpg  photo IMG_8636-1.jpg  photo IMG_8638-1.jpg  photo IMG_8639-1.jpg  photo IMG_8643-1.jpg  photo IMG_8644-1.jpg  photo IMG_8645-1.jpg  photo IMG_8648-1.jpg  photo IMG_8649-1.jpg  photo IMG_8650-1.jpg  photo IMG_8651-1.jpg  photo IMG_8652-1.jpg  photo IMG_8654-1.jpg  photo IMG_8655-1.jpg  photo IMG_8661-1.jpg  photo IMG_8662-1.jpg  photo IMG_8663-1.jpg  photo IMG_8667-1.jpg  photo IMG_8668-1.jpg  photo 0420FF46-030D-4CC1-8A0A-5F558115106D-2234-0000025F3683E142.jpg 

Location - Fiesta Falls Miniature Golf - St. Augustine
Invitation - Pink Pickle Parties 
Cupcake toppers and wrappers - Pink Pickle Parties
Water Bottle Labels - Pink Pickle Parties
Catering - Panera
Paper Straws - Bella Cupcake Couture 
Straw Flags -  Free Printable
Favor Bags - Amazon
Golf Visors - Oriental Trading

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