Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Crib / Bed Transition

A couple weeks ago we transitioned Enzo out of his crib.  The idea was for him to move into Addison's toddler bed and we would convert the crib into a full size bed for Addison.  The first two nights were a struggle and Enzo ended up in our bed both nights.  The third night he said he wanted to sleep in Addison's bed so he did and stayed in bed all night.  So not only do they share a room but now a bed. 

 photo D90555E7-7408-4C6F-8F01-A3924E5CA3F6-617-00000048EF3BE056_zps9eb845ac.jpg photo E071D5F9-EAB6-475C-B784-52CE2D6B6993-340-00000017D1B6FED2_zps98f8cb56.jpg photo CDDC95F3-ADDF-4CF1-92BF-2756450F9A23-340-00000017D8A08578_zpsdea895e2.jpg photo F742D124-B70B-45E7-9AA2-5279CAE0E8CC-340-00000017E1213648_zpsc00c6892.jpg photo 311990FB-750C-4B84-AE20-5D1267A70FC8-340-00000017E7B933E8_zps24810cc8.jpg photo C700A8F2-95DB-45A3-9875-D8D6222B2F7E-340-0000001803F0C5EC_zps1ba5a6be.jpg photo 29B0776D-1FB1-470D-8645-529987C59355-340-000000180E934115_zps021046c8.jpg

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