Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekend Birthday Pics

Yesterday we celebrated Enzo's birthday by going to the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine.  He is obsessed with alligators now and refers to everything as a "baby alligator."   
 photo IMG_9452.jpg photo IMG_9434.jpg
 photo IMG_9439.jpg
Brave Girl :)

 photo IMG_9409.jpg
Thanks Papa S and Nana for my train table
 photo IMG_9421.jpg
 photo IMG_9485.jpg
After the kids went to bed Brian and I played a few competitive rounds of bowling
 photo IMG_9462.jpg  photo IMG_9465.jpg  photo IMG_9473.jpg  photo IMG_9424.jpg
 photo EB730BF7-B90D-4719-9D7C-BF4666AD6AF5.jpg
Thanks Papa D and Beth for my Harley
 photo D9E259F0-74F8-4821-812F-A747D0BBF426.jpg  photo 8F297468-D99B-4A0F-BCC9-88E5ADB07F38.jpg  photo IMG_9478.jpg

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Here we are at another birthday…how did that happen so fast?!?!  Looking forward to celebrating Enzo’s 2nd birthday this weekend!  Love this little guy so much!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

School Pics

Here are a few poses from the kids school pics this year.  They aren't very clear as I took a cell phone picture of the actual picture.

As Enzo gets older his personality emerges a little more every day.  Enzo is my gentle soul.  He will often concede to Addison to keep the peace, and generally is pretty mellow.  He loves to show affection and is generous with his "I love yous."  He's agreeable and aims to please.

Addison's nickname should be "The Boss" because it's her way or the highway.  She's strong-willed, determined, outspoken, and knows EXACTLY what she wants.  She uses logic and reason 24/7 to try to problem solve and get what she wants.


Thursday, November 14, 2013


I've been MIA for a good reason. I've been battling a fever, chest congestion and flu like symptoms the last 8 days. I finally broke down yesterday and went to the doctor. They diagnosed me with Bronchitis so now I'm on antibiotic for the next 10 days and steroids for 5 days to open my airways and prevent pneumonia. I hope to get some much needed rest this weekend and pray that the kids don't get sick. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Crib / Bed Transition

A couple weeks ago we transitioned Enzo out of his crib.  The idea was for him to move into Addison's toddler bed and we would convert the crib into a full size bed for Addison.  The first two nights were a struggle and Enzo ended up in our bed both nights.  The third night he said he wanted to sleep in Addison's bed so he did and stayed in bed all night.  So not only do they share a room but now a bed. 

 photo D90555E7-7408-4C6F-8F01-A3924E5CA3F6-617-00000048EF3BE056_zps9eb845ac.jpg photo E071D5F9-EAB6-475C-B784-52CE2D6B6993-340-00000017D1B6FED2_zps98f8cb56.jpg photo CDDC95F3-ADDF-4CF1-92BF-2756450F9A23-340-00000017D8A08578_zpsdea895e2.jpg photo F742D124-B70B-45E7-9AA2-5279CAE0E8CC-340-00000017E1213648_zpsc00c6892.jpg photo 311990FB-750C-4B84-AE20-5D1267A70FC8-340-00000017E7B933E8_zps24810cc8.jpg photo C700A8F2-95DB-45A3-9875-D8D6222B2F7E-340-0000001803F0C5EC_zps1ba5a6be.jpg photo 29B0776D-1FB1-470D-8645-529987C59355-340-000000180E934115_zps021046c8.jpg

Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Pics

This weekend we took the kids to a local fall festival in our area.  It's their 2nd year and they had lots of fun activities for the kids.  We even did the crop maze and made it out after several attempts.

 photo cowart1.jpg  photo cowart3.jpg  photo cowart2.jpg  photo cowart4.jpg  photo cowart5.jpg  photo cowart6.jpg  photo cowart7.jpg  photo cowart8.jpg  photo cowart9.jpg  photo cowart10.jpg  photo cowart11.jpg  photo cowart12.jpg  photo cowart13.jpg  photo cowart14.jpg  photo cowart15.jpg  photo cowart16.jpg  photo cowart17.jpg  photo cowart18.jpg  photo cowart19.jpg  photo cowart20.jpg  photo cowart21.jpg  photo B76541AA-09CD-427B-9B79-192B04A3217C-617-000000438AFA635B_zps7df3c070.jpg  photo 6C951D6F-8530-4D40-B508-EBFD82F3E057-617-0000004391BFCB22_zps7d6d5c73.jpg  photo D12E2A1B-D182-4D76-86DC-F1F04BD2B687-617-0000004383E4DF20_zps25a4585b.jpg  photo 83A169E0-AC3E-4FBE-A538-77843362A08D-617-0000004398908E00_zpscd4fc7e4.jpg

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