Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Pics

 photo 8FF5FC83-C4D4-4483-A2C8-88B050C5C60A-2907-000003318F41A590_zpseffb5190.jpg
Black Olive Lover
 photo 12472F7F-B5BC-4102-8D30-064A9576EBA2-2921-00000331D6443F7B_zps9de864a7.jpg
Typical bathtime - She relaxes while he plots his attack
 photo D31177AA-877D-4DE7-A9D7-9FCC687B8A27-2921-00000331E0319C9B_zps7c53e63d.jpg
My parents got a new dog this weekend from the local Humane Society and Addison is in love
 photo AAC283EA-FF7D-4DE9-A998-F023F584961A-2921-00000331E7D07D39_zps17927973.jpg
Her name is Lady - She's a 9 month old terrier/chihuahua mix
 photo 921FD437-0353-47B6-A539-7871CB7D7C6E-2921-00000331F075AC76_zps5d60acc1.jpg
 photo BEEF2FD5-E2A9-4F79-AB0D-33B0ABFDEEB8-2921-00000331F87002BD_zpsbb4d15cf.jpg
 photo 4B5A4DD4-F09E-47CC-BA99-9B8E9A68565F-2921-0000033204F7DE38_zpsd5ac5f64.jpg
 photo 3890CB78-E85A-4E0D-A5EF-3C776D1B74A1-2921-0000033212F042F6_zps80e6d9e9.jpg
My parents and I took Addison to see her first 3D movie at the IMAX theater
 photo FCD48C8D-A5C6-411D-8ACA-8115548D590C-2921-000003321E0804EA_zpsf87da394.jpg
 photo CB40AB02-ACE0-4B06-A435-2E58014A1830-2921-0000033228CEE663_zps5647b34f.jpg
Brian and I had a date night this weekend.  Found a highly recommended Italian restaurant in the area.  It was a small restaurant with phenomenal service and food.  It was like a scene out of The Sopranos. 
 photo A3F6DAC1-F8C1-4AAD-AAF9-909A438434AD-2921-000003323131C126_zpsf75f4057.jpg
Antipasto appetizer at dinner - all the meats and cheeses are imported from Italy

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