Monday, September 16, 2013

Omaha Children's Museum

While I was in Nebraska I met my friend Katy and her daughter Mady for an afternoon in Omaha.  We had lunch in the Old Market then spent the rest of the day at the Omaha Children's Museum.

 photo cm1.jpg  photo cm2.jpg  photo IMG_9011.jpg  photo IMG_9009.jpg  photo IMG_8998.jpg  photo IMG_8999.jpg  photo IMG_8993.jpg  photo IMG_8994.jpg  photo IMG_8995.jpg  photo IMG_8990.jpg  photo IMG_8985.jpg  photo IMG_8986.jpg  photo IMG_8980.jpg  photo IMG_8976.jpg  photo IMG_8963.jpg  photo IMG_8964.jpg  photo IMG_8965.jpg  photo IMG_8966.jpg  photo IMG_8971.jpg  photo IMG_8972.jpg

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