Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekend Pics

This weekend we took Addison shopping for clothes and school supplies. She starts Pre-K tomorrow!

 photo DD618ABC-E934-45AD-9591-CFA0652A5B4F-4954-0000055213FFFFAA.jpg
Her expression...lol!
 photo 3D35DE76-B22C-4A30-BDF7-527E0D6B4A97-4954-00000551DF5E3C2D.jpg
Wishing fountain at the shopping center
 photo C8D53BDC-6924-4E59-B614-890EF755C6DC-5207-000005677480F6E4.jpg
Trying to get creative with snack ideas. Banana, Peanut Butter and Raisins.

 photo 19B80766-808B-4612-B918-A79D275B24BF-4954-000005523297C343.jpg
Artichoke Fritters at lunch with a co-worker last week.

 photo 8C73DD71-1741-4B19-9653-B4475D282C97-4954-0000055239353052.jpg
Tea Forte - love this concept of how the ice tea was served
 photo 96845E16-2132-4FD5-882B-DCC12150A32E-4954-0000055255152FB8.jpg
Brian got the kids a ball pit for their room.

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