Thursday, July 25, 2013

Making a Difference

I wanted to share a letter I received from a Facebook fan of the web page I run.  My goal is to help people and make it easier for them to enjoy family time with their kids.  This letter made my day...heck it made my week!  I have edited this letter due to confidentiality.

I wanted to send you a PM to let you know how you change/influence people's lives with your page.

I work at the CONFIDENTIAL , which provides services to victims of Domestic Violence.

One of the services we provide our program participants is to let them know of inexpensive or free activities they can do within our community with their children. As you can imagine, most are single moms, living on limited finances.

This is where you and your page come in. Your page has been one of the major referral sources I obtain community information from. Some activities and events I share at work, but just about all, I share on my personal Facebook page and tag my friends with children.

Most times we provide a service that touches people's lives and never hear about it. Our society is so used to focusing on the negative and horrible things that happen, we never focus on the positive and rewarding things people do. Your time researching and posting this events and activities IS changing people and making a difference. You are amazing and I would love to meet you one day, just to give you a hug (or shake your hand) to say thank you. Thank you for providing a service that allows moms to create memories that they and their children will never forget. No amount of money can buy that.

My heartfelt thanks,

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