Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weekend Pics

 photo D2F95627-B007-41BF-BD4E-DB72FEFA21CD-834-00000103942451C7.jpg
Tea party
 photo 8FC930D9-1777-4716-9361-CDF060084667-834-0000010384E676D6.jpg
So many choices
 photo F56009D9-6C4A-4E8C-B4A4-37D36F0563FB-834-000001037CC7B901.jpg
Bounce house with water slide at a classmates birthday party.  She was in heaven.
 photo B218117F-864A-4F81-83D3-CA0DA955B530-834-00000103732BB0B7.jpg
"Look Mom - No Hands!!" Her manners were on full display at the birthday party.
 photo DAF25C6E-8955-4B2D-BDF4-3A21C524AB91-834-0000010312A0EF12.jpg photo 630CB9E4-8A22-4379-93B0-24571412C491-834-000001031A3F3103.jpg photo 89172F05-DD08-4BB3-A04B-B7D5F0A847A3-834-000001032DD791FA.jpg photo 7BD42140-F737-4D32-8348-115FDFB7EA9B-834-0000010334DB4175.jpg photo 9209C3B2-965B-4F4B-AC72-B5B3492629A1-834-000001033C2E594E.jpg photo 1AA7DB71-FB27-4F13-BDEC-08E53EDC4EE0-834-000001034628A7B7.jpg photo D71428AA-FC87-4127-BCB8-39A5F20721EF-834-000001034C81B06A.jpg photo 01298703-E0D6-4C00-8E3D-11C3B5F1CCB1-834-0000010353C173EE.jpg photo 59972B4D-AD93-466B-819D-A2447341F420-834-000001035DD7BC3F.jpg

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Making a Difference

I wanted to share a letter I received from a Facebook fan of the web page I run.  My goal is to help people and make it easier for them to enjoy family time with their kids.  This letter made my day...heck it made my week!  I have edited this letter due to confidentiality.

I wanted to send you a PM to let you know how you change/influence people's lives with your page.

I work at the CONFIDENTIAL , which provides services to victims of Domestic Violence.

One of the services we provide our program participants is to let them know of inexpensive or free activities they can do within our community with their children. As you can imagine, most are single moms, living on limited finances.

This is where you and your page come in. Your page has been one of the major referral sources I obtain community information from. Some activities and events I share at work, but just about all, I share on my personal Facebook page and tag my friends with children.

Most times we provide a service that touches people's lives and never hear about it. Our society is so used to focusing on the negative and horrible things that happen, we never focus on the positive and rewarding things people do. Your time researching and posting this events and activities IS changing people and making a difference. You are amazing and I would love to meet you one day, just to give you a hug (or shake your hand) to say thank you. Thank you for providing a service that allows moms to create memories that they and their children will never forget. No amount of money can buy that.

My heartfelt thanks,

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wordish Wednesday

This is what I find when looking through my phone pics...selfie's taken by the

 photo 0416BFAA-9FE6-4B19-AFDE-17C87D2EB48B-10463-00000C0BC32CF3BE.jpg

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Addison's First Play

Last Saturday (while Brian worked and Dad watched Enzo), Mom and I took Addison to her first play.  I remember going to plays all the time when my brother and I were little and how much I enjoyed them.  This weekend we took her to see Captain Hook's Revenge.  The cast were all kids ages 5 through teen.  It was a cute play, lots of songs, jokes, etc.  She sat on my lap the entire time in complete fascination of the play.  As soon as it was over she asked "Can we watch it again?"  After the performance we went on stage where she got to meet the cast, take photos and get autographs.  A fun day!

 photo 08FDA840-4246-4D52-953C-CC528E93D402-11095-00000C36BAC5EDDF.jpg
The mermaids
 photo 46C25FC6-309B-4005-B4DE-543C5478213E-11095-00000C36CDD14B4B.jpg
 photo 4D43077A-E7D4-4B2B-9348-5731E649C6A1-11095-00000C36E5D54A9D.jpg
Captain Hook's Revenge
 photo 6B154467-433D-4E7C-B12E-67A303EC281E-11095-00000C36DECC9BD4.jpg
Waiting for the show to start
 photo 8A25779A-19ED-44EC-9C12-3A0D7EB09DD9-11095-00000C36C6D83EA9.jpg
Wendy - Great singer!
 photo E4594CB7-5006-481F-994E-6F76276F11AE-11095-00000C36EF69E8D2.jpg
A surprise visitor on the windshield on our drive to the playhouse

Friday, July 19, 2013

Phone Fun Friday

 photo joann.jpg
Picking out pajama patterns
 photo librarytime.jpg
At the library waiting for story time to start
 photo enzo3-d.jpg
Went to a 3-D drawing workshop...the instructor's rendition of Enzo eating watermelon
 photo nanaandaddison.jpg
Girls day out...lunch and shopping...teaching her young :-)
 photo swimlessonaddison2.jpg
Addison's swim class using the noodles
 photo swimlessonaddison1.jpg
Addison's class
 photo dadfish.jpg
I love that Brian and my Dad get along so well.  I love that they go fishing by themselves and have a guys afternoon.

 photo lobsterroll.jpg
Every month our city hosts a gourmet "Food Truck" night.  My parents and I took the kids this week.  My yummy lobster roll.
 photo enzoeat.jpg
Enzo enjoying a brisket sandwich at the gourmet food truck night.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013

Phone Fun Friday

 photo enzolaundrybasket.jpg
His idea of helping me fold laundry is to sit in the basket :)
 photo gizmoipad.jpg
Gizmo is showing the kids who is boss of the ipad
 photo addisonsleep1.jpg
4 hours of swimming is exhausting.
 photo addisonsleep2.jpg
Enzo provided a back rub
 photo swim1.jpg
Addison's swim class.  I love that they had platforms in the water for the kids to stand on.
 photo swim2.jpg
Enzo's Swim Class

 photo IMG_8844.jpg

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful that I will be meeting my birth mother and hopefully my birth father very soon! Our flights are booked and it almost seems surreal at times. Also while back home since I've converted Brian to a Husker fan I'm taking him to his first ever Husker game...eek!! I'm so excited for this trip! So many things to look forward too. I can't believe that I have an entire other family that I've never met yet.

 photo thankful-for2.jpg

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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