Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our week in photos

 photo 89A97B5C-AEC6-44D1-BDD6-65D41361226E-28485-00002210C53A62D6.jpg
Nature Walk
 photo 6F90D9F5-3FBC-43AC-A1E3-682E1C3E308C-28485-00002210CB8ADD76.jpg
18 months
 photo 51D2DB28-D474-424F-9998-4283A6D7BCC3-1650-000001ED2A7D1320.jpg
Epic milk spill
 photo F8D4B5C1-3C14-4B4A-AE23-0726B0EB8D0C-1650-000001ED1D2097AD.jpg
Salon time
 photo 0E0DECF7-DDE7-4F4B-A26C-E8085A814235-1650-000001ED360AC799.jpg
The kids picked out my birthday cake...delicious!
 photo 8D4287CB-5197-43AC-95B4-263D728DE71F-1650-000001ED688430E8.jpg
Addison swam for the first time later this day without her floaties.  I registered both of them for swim lessons starting next month.
 photo 9D6D0A69-8104-468F-AF28-D96FFC08338C-1650-000001ED4129213A.jpg
Bath time
 photo 826509A7-1EC0-4782-A8CB-82C567C3B68D-1688-000001EF3D47520F.jpg
The motor on our air conditioner went out this weekend.  The A/C company didn't have the part in stock so originally they told us they would have it by Monday and installed Monday evening.  Monday morning they called and said they wouldn't be able to get it until Wednesday.  They installed the part at 8pm last night.  It's been a LONG week! 

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