Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mortgage Programs

I never advertise anything on here...ever.  But recently my brother referred this mortgage banker to us.  We bought our home in 2007 at the height of the housing boom.  Now like many Americans we owe more on our home than it is worth.  The government has come out with several programs to help home owners but how do you really know which ones to use or who to contact to help you through this process?  I highly recommend John Hoskins.  He is based out of Missouri but is licensed in over 40 states as a mortgage broker.  He is attentive and relentlessly worked with us to get a better mortgage while also lowering our payment.  These mortgage programs are only being offered for a limited time. 

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 Here is his contact info if anyone is interested.  Make sure you tell him that Sara from Florida sent ya :-)

John Hoskins
Sr. Mortgage Banker/Branch Manager
NMLS : 237636

314-704-3467 cell
314-317-8700 office
314-334-0937 efax

Fidelity Mortgage
Fidelity NMLS# 902622

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