Friday, May 31, 2013

Phone Fun Friday

 photo twins.jpg
Nieces at 16 Weeks (Elly Left / Addy Right)

 photo park-1.jpg
Enjoying a day at the park

 photo eastergrass.jpg
The kids thought it would be fun to get the Easter baskets out and "sprinkle" the house with Easter grass...not my idea of fun ;-)

 photo droffice.jpg
Re-check of their ears after both had double ear infections.  If Enzo gets another before July we have to see the ENT specialist about possibly getting tubes.

 photo IMG_8689.jpg
Enjoying an Arbor Day Celebration in town

 photo paint1.jpg
Picasso in training
  photo park1.jpg
 photo E63796FF-3498-4550-8BDD-87A6DD9268BD-16912-0000145110FEE88D.jpg
Mischevious...the look of guilt

 photo 4B853AB9-1DF0-4C17-A911-3794B06416C1-16912-000014513DC7A7AB.jpg
Cornhole tournament at a friend's house Memorial Day weekend

 photo D543C147-9A85-4B22-A374-18A2787F67DE-16912-0000145124D030E0.jpg
Licking the bowl after making brownies

 photo IMG_6020.jpg
The kid's school was closed this week so they went to Ms. Tracie's.  They love it there!

 photo IMG_6018.jpg
Breakfast at Ms. Tracie's

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  1. precious pics and kiddos! We love cornhole TOO!!!


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