Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Golf Party

A couple week's ago we celebrated Addison's 4th Birthday by having a golf party.  We had about 20 guests join us for a fun filled afternoon. 

 photo AB.jpg  photo BD_Final.jpg  photo 97715137-845B-4BF9-9962-93D0C24C1276-492-0000004788F3491A.jpg  photo EB898422-3F4F-4054-90FC-1BA3E1C2C2AD-3232-000004886C4314B4.jpg  photo IMG_8619-1.jpg  photo IMG_8620-1.jpg  photo IMG_8621-1.jpg  photo IMG_8622-1.jpg  photo IMG_8623-1.jpg  photo IMG_8624-1.jpg  photo IMG_8625-1.jpg  photo IMG_8627-1.jpg  photo IMG_8628-1.jpg  photo IMG_8629-1.jpg  photo IMG_8630-1.jpg  photo IMG_8631-1.jpg  photo IMG_8632-1.jpg  photo IMG_8633-1.jpg  photo IMG_8634-1.jpg  photo IMG_8635-1.jpg  photo IMG_8636-1.jpg  photo IMG_8638-1.jpg  photo IMG_8639-1.jpg  photo IMG_8643-1.jpg  photo IMG_8644-1.jpg  photo IMG_8645-1.jpg  photo IMG_8648-1.jpg  photo IMG_8649-1.jpg  photo IMG_8650-1.jpg  photo IMG_8651-1.jpg  photo IMG_8652-1.jpg  photo IMG_8654-1.jpg  photo IMG_8655-1.jpg  photo IMG_8661-1.jpg  photo IMG_8662-1.jpg  photo IMG_8663-1.jpg  photo IMG_8667-1.jpg  photo IMG_8668-1.jpg  photo 0420FF46-030D-4CC1-8A0A-5F558115106D-2234-0000025F3683E142.jpg 

Location - Fiesta Falls Miniature Golf - St. Augustine
Invitation - Pink Pickle Parties 
Cupcake toppers and wrappers - Pink Pickle Parties
Water Bottle Labels - Pink Pickle Parties
Catering - Panera
Paper Straws - Bella Cupcake Couture 
Straw Flags -  Free Printable
Favor Bags - Amazon
Golf Visors - Oriental Trading


  1. Sara, this party looked absolutely adorable. I may have to steal the idea. Great job!

    1. Thanks Katy! Just email me if you need anything. I'm happy to share!

  2. oh my gosh, this party might be one of the cutest parties that I've EVER seen! ADORABLE and great pictures! love the favors and all of the themed goodies :)


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