Friday, May 3, 2013

First Contact with my Birthfather

After my friend was able to locate my birthfather's address, I sent a letter to him last week.  I wasn't sure whether or not he would respond.  When my birthmother became pregnant she never told him about the pregnancy.  I couldn't imagine the shock of opening a letter and finding out that you had a daughter over 30 years ago.

He received my letter on Friday(4/26) and called me Saturday(4/27).  He was diagnosed with cancer (leukemia) in 2003 and is in remission.  He has 2 sons.  His voice box was scarred from chemo so it's very difficult to understand him at times but he gave me his yahoo messenger screen name because he said it's easier to type.  His oldest son actually called me and spoke to me first giving me information about his Dad's cancer, etc.  When I spoke to David(my birthfather) he never denied or questioned anything about the situation.  He stated that he didn't know but for me to tell my birthmother that he's not resentful to her for her choice.  He also stated twice to thank my parents for giving me a good life.

David was a horse farrier and also did reining.  When he was married, they owned a saddle shop.  This explains my love for horses as a's in my blood.  He also stated that I'm part Santee Sioux Indian and that his great grandfather was a medicine man.  He currently resides in South Dakota.  His oldest son is currently stationed in Alaska for the Army and his youngest son lives in North Dakota.  

Another new journey that I've emarked upon.  I'm so thankful that this experience of finding my birthparents has been such a positive one.  I look forward to meeting them in person. 

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