Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wordish Wednesday

 photo F0FABCF6-D7CF-4C64-9BB0-0CC6D6DA90D7-14788-000012EB410609AA.jpg
Enzo loves hummus so much that he chose it for breakfast on Saturday
 photo 2FE754EB-988F-41BB-ADF9-C31F1E8104A5-14925-000012FB4EF0CC5E.jpg
Typical Saturday morning.  Addison playing memory match (by her rules, of course) and Enzo eating
 photo 82E316E8-EC28-49ED-A41C-520A598355E6-17234-0000151D38507772.jpg
Brian is such a kid at heart.  He was so excited to show me these when he got home from the store.  The kids had a blast despite the fact that it looked as though our home was flooded...inside and out.
 photo B9A0040F-E4C1-4198-A5DD-514A5648E86B-17234-0000151D1D6C9508.jpg
Dear Brian, Next time you decide to buy Addison a Barbie toy please make sure it's a toy and not a 160 piece mega block toy that took ME 90 minutes to complete.
 photo D715A092-BDE2-40C8-9268-85EF7B7BED5D-17234-0000151D3F7E9197.jpg
She falls asleep like this all the time.  Amazing that she still manages to hold it upright.

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