Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wordish Wednesday: Encounter with a Copperhead Snake

On Sunday while Enzo and I took a nap, Brian took Addison out for the afternoon.  He took her to the beach, out for ice cream and to Marineland.  Brian said there was a playground at Marineland and he remembered thinking to himself that there were probably snakes in the area.  The playground was surrounding by tall grasses and coquina rock.  Sure enough while Addison was playing all of a sudden he turned around and there was a copperhead (poisonous) snake 3 feet from her.  She saw it first and yelled to Brian.  He quickly swooped her up with one arm and started slowly making his way off the playground...the snake quickly followed them.  He then started to run and the snake raised it's head like it was going to strike.  They safely made it to a set of stairs where the snake then stopped and returned back to the coquina rocks.  He said that it could've quickly turned into a really bad situation. 
 photo 07C307BE-1B43-47B1-8370-C9A0A3F458D1-10640-00000D797357A7DF.jpg

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