Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday

A couple weeks ago Brian told me to find a babysitter for April 20th.  He said for date night he had a surprise.  Last Saturday he got home from work and within 30 minutes we were back out the door.  I figured there was a new restaurant he wanted to try.  As we got on the interstate and headed North I thought we were heading to St. Augustine for the evening.  As we passed the St. Augustine exit I was baffled.  Brian hates driving long distances on the weekend since his commute is 2 hours everyday to Jacksonville.  I couldn't imagine that after he just got home from Jacksonville that 30 minutes later we would be headed back there?  He had me guessing in the car trying to figure out where we were headed. 

My amazing husband surprised me with VIP Carrie Underwood concert tickets!!!  We had an amazing night!  It was so nice to be in a VIP suite that had unlimited food and drinks and comfy chairs!  Hunter Hayes opened for Carrie and he was phenomenal.  It was the first concert we've ever been to together and the first concert I've been to in over 15 years.  I was so captivated by the concert that I didn't get many pictures and the lights blasting from the stage really drown out the chance of a good photo.  I attached a photo I found online.

Photo Source
I am blessed with this incredible man...he is far too good to me.  <3>

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  1. I got my sister & BIL tickets to see her for Christmas as well. They said she was amazing! I disagree with one thing............I'm sure DH is not too good to you, I'm sure you deserve every bit! :)


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