Monday, February 11, 2013

Making Valentine's - 2013

Saturday we made Valentines for Addison's classmates.  I found the FREE printable on Pinterest and decided to do a candy-free card this year.  The hardest part was using an exacto knife on all 20 cards to cut the feet for the bubbles.  Addison was interested during the first 3 cards, then after that all she wanted to do was blow bubbles.  The mini bubble tubes are from Target.  Can I just say that I LOVE Target.  I found so many items in the Valentines section that I will be using for party favor bags for Addison's birthday party in April (I'm a planner, so yes I thinking that far ahead already). 

See that adorable boy outfit...yes, she's obsessed with wearing Enzo's clothes.  :-)

 photo IMG_8522.jpg  photo IMG_8545.jpg  photo IMG_8537.jpg  photo IMG_8536.jpg  photo IMG_8530.jpg  photo IMG_8526.jpg

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