Thursday, December 13, 2012

Poor Little Guy

Enzo has had a cough for a couple weeks now.  It started as a dry cough so I didn't feel a need to rush him to the Dr.  In the last few days though it's turned into a phlegm cough.  I started running the humidifier in their room in hopes that it would help but he would wake up so congested.  He then started having nasal drainage along with being super clingy and a sudden lack of appetite.  I called the Dr. yesterday but they were booked solid.  I had hoped to take him to the Dr. over my lunch hour.  I left a message for the nurse and she said that we'd be 1st on the list if any cancellations arose.  Luckily they squeezed us in at the end of the day.  Found out he not only has a sinus infection but also an ear infection.  Now he's on antibiotic for 10 days so at least he won't be sick for Christmas...but Addison and I are now coming down with cold symptoms. 


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