Thursday, December 6, 2012

Date Day

I've been waiting for this day for several weeks a kid in a candy shop!  A few weeks back Brian had suggested we both take a day off of work to spend together. He is a workaholic so for him to say this I was quite impressed. He gets 4 weeks of vacation a year and this year he has taken 1 day off.

We rarely see each other during the week so he decided that we need some quality time together without the kids.  He has the entire day planned out.

I'm incredibly thankful for him.  He is kind, caring and keeps laughter and love in our relationship.  Even though I hate that he works so much I'm thankful for the drive and passion that he has to provide for our family.  I count my lucky stars everyday to have him as my husband.  We have a great partnership and for that I'm incredibly blessed.


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