Saturday, April 25, 2009

39 Weeks Development

How your baby's growing:

Your baby's waiting to greet the world! She continues to build a layer of fat to help control her body temperature after birth, but it's likely she already measures about 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds, a mini watermelon. (Boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls.) The outer layers of her skin are sloughing off as new skin forms underneath.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Dad has been moved to rehabilitation and they removed his epidural. He's continuing to make progress everyday.

Today I had another dr. appt. Only 8 days left until my due date!! The dr. said I was 2.5cm dilated. He said he hopes I go into labor this weekend because he's on call all weekend. I told him I'd let Addison know that :-) We went ahead and scheduled another appt for next Friday and he said if I don't have her by my due date (Saturday May 2nd) that the following Monday (May 4th) he will go ahead and break my water. Any day now...the house is ready for her arrival and my emotions are a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Video for Dad

I originally posted this a few months ago and with everything that has happenend in the last week I wanted to post this again. I'm so thankful that my Dad is doing so well and making such remarkable progress.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Dad Update

Over the weekend Dad was moved out of ICU, taken off the ventilator and his feeding tube has been removed. He is now eating solid foods, walking twice a day and making lots of progress. Everyone is amazed at how fast he is recovering. They did x-rays on Sunday and may have to go in and do surgery to wire the cracked sternum closed. We will find out more on that this week. They expect him to be in the hospital for two more weeks, then rehabiliatation for approx 12 days.

I was able to talk to him on the phone yesterday. Only got to talk for about a minute because I'm sure it's painful for him to talk too much. He sounded a bit winded but was in good spirits. He was back to his same sense of humor which was so good to hear. I'm so thankful that things have been progressing so well and all the improvements he has made. He definitely has a guardian angel watching over him.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

38 Weeks Development

How your baby's growing:

Your baby has really plumped up. She weighs about 6.8 pounds and she's over 19 1/2 inches long (like a leek). She has a firm grasp, which you'll soon be able to test when you hold her hand for the first time! Her organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb.

Wondering what color your baby's eyes will be? You may not be able to tell right away. If she's born with brown eyes, they'll likely stay brown. If she's born with steel gray or dark blue eyes, they may stay gray or blue or turn green, hazel, or brown by the time she's 9 months old. That's because a child's irises (the colored part of the eye) may gain more pigment in the months after she's born, but they usually won't get "lighter" or more blue. (Green, hazel, and brown eyes have more pigment than gray or blue eyes.)

Dad Update

They removed the ventilator last night and had him walking. Dana said that while they were walking him he kept grabbing at his chest and would push his morphine button. They've started to wean him off some of the heavy sedatives so he's feeling more pain but they said the worst pain is still to come. He's still in ICU. Hopefully by Monday they'll move him to a regular room where he'll have to stay for a couple weeks then he'll have to go to Madonna Rehabilitation or Bryan Rehabilitation. Mom and Dana toured Bryan yesterday and were very impressed and will hopefully get to tour Madonna today.

He's made alot of progress in a few short days but still has a long way to go.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dr. Appt

So the last couple days I've pretty much held it together, considering and only have had a couple breakdowns because I'm trying to not get too stressed out but you know how some people can just trigger your emotions...well, for some reason my dr was that trigger yesterday. I was fine when I arrived at the appt and the minute he walked into the room and asked how I was doing I just lost it and started crying. I told him what happened with my Dad, etc. Then as soon as the appt was over I was fine. It's weird how some people have that affect on you.

Anyways...last week I was 1cm dilated and this week I'm 2cm dilated!! He did say that my cervix is still thick. He didn't offer to do the cervix stretching this week I think probably because of my breakdown so that was a relief. He said he doesn't think I'll have her within the next week but to have the car gassed up just in case. He's going out of town this weekend so I told him my luck is that I'll go into labor this weekend while he's gone...haha!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Dad

So it's definitely been a couple of crazy days...

On Tuesday at midnight I received a call from my Mom stating that my Dad had been in an accident involving the tractor. He had been in the field discing and his tractor went into a washout and he fell off the tractor. He tried to call my mom but his cell phone battery was dead. Then from the adrenaline rush he was able to walk a half of a mile to a neighbor's house where they took him to the Syracuse hospital. My mom met them at the hospital and the staff decided he needed to be transported to BryanLGH West. He is currently in the ICU on a ventilator. All of his ribs are broke, his sternum is cracked, he has a cut on his head and they have him sedated. They put an epidural in yesterday to relax the lining of his lungs since it's such a painful injury. I guess with having the epidural it'll help to eliminate the other painkillers they currently have him on.

I've spoken with my brother a couple times this morning and he said that when my uncle went to get the tractor that he believes from seeing the tracks in the dirt, etc that as the tractor went into the washout that it kept moving and that as Dad fell off the tractor started to circle and actually ran over him. Dad's hat was in the dirt behind the tractor. Which in a way makes sense because the dr. said that all his ribs wouldn't have broke just based on the impact on him hitting the steering wheel and right before they put the ventilator in my dad, he told the dr. that his head hit the steering wheel and not his chest. Also the dr. said there was a straight line across his chest and his stomach that could've been bruising from the tractor tires. Anyways, luckily the tractor stopped or either Dad rolled out of the way because if the disc behind the tractor would've ran over him he wouldn't have made it. Also when he arrived to the trauma center his blood gasses were very low and they said his lungs wouldn't have kept up much longer so we have many many things to be thankful for at this point.

They said they hope to take the ventilator out later today or tomorrow and he should be released out of ICU by the weekend. Then he will remain in the hospital for at least two weeks.

My brother said as they are weaning him off some of the heavy pain meds this morning that Dad has a button to push for meds and he keeps pushing it so he's starting to feel more pain...poor guy.

The staff and nurses in the ICU have nicknamed Dad "The Duke" because they said he's tough as nails just like John Wayne and I guess John Wayne's nickname is "The Duke"??...the funny part is that my Dad loves watching John Wayne movies so I'm sure he's loving that they are calling him that.

I really appreciate everyone's vibes, thoughts and prayers. They are working!!

We are all anxious for the vent to come out and hear what he has to say and his recollection of the accident.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tasty Tuesday

Eggplant Parmesan


3 eggplant, peeled and thinly sliced
2 eggs, beaten
4 cups Italian seasoned bread crumbs
6 cups spaghetti sauce, divided
1 (16 ounce) package mozzarella cheese, shredded and divided
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese, divided
1/2 teaspoon dried basil


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

2. Dip eggplant slices in egg, then in bread crumbs. Place in a single layer on a baking sheet. Bake in preheated oven for 5 minutes on each side.

3. In a 9x13 inch baking dish spread spaghetti sauce to cover the bottom. Place a layer of eggplant slices in the sauce. Sprinkle with mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. Repeat with remaining ingredients, ending with the cheeses. Sprinkle basil on top.

4. Bake in preheated oven for 35 minutes, or until golden brown.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

37 Weeks Development

How your baby's growing:

Congratulations — your baby is full term! This means that if your baby arrives now, his lungs should be fully mature and ready to adjust to life outside the womb, even though your due date is still three weeks away. Baby spends these last weeks in preparation for the outside world… meaning careful refinement of the blink, suck, inhale and exhale. Meconium, which you’ll probably find in the first diaper, is accumulating in the intestines. If you worry about giving birth, consider what it’s like for the little one. During the journey out of your womb, baby will produce more stress hormones than any other time in life.

Your baby weighs 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches. Many babies have a full head of hair at birth, with locks from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches long. But don't be surprised if your baby's hair isn't the same color as yours. Dark-haired couples are sometimes thrown for a loop when their children come out as blonds or redheads, and fair-haired couples have been surprised by Elvis look-alikes. And then, of course, some babies sport only peach fuzz.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Birth Plan

I filled out my birth plan a few weeks ago and it's packed and ready in the hospital bag. For all the expecting mom's that read this blog, I got my birth plan from the bump dot com. I searched online for birth plans and there are several to choose from but I liked this one the best and wanted to share.

37 Week Dr. Appt

So at yesterday's appt the dr. said I'm 1cm dilated but my cervix is still very thick. He said baby is in position but still far up. He asked if I wanted my cervix stretched. He said it can help start labor or at least help the cervix to start thinning out. It also helps to release the prostoglandin hormone that encourages cervix softening. I said sure because I don't want to go past my due date and be induced because I heard Pitocin contractions are really strong. He's been a dr. for over 30 years so I trust he knows what he's doing. Let me just tell you that cervix stretching HURTS REALLY BAD!!! I did have a few Braxton Hicks contractions last night and some spotting(the dr. said is normal after stretching).

Brian was upset at first because he said that I shouldn't mess with nature and let it happen on it's own. I let him know that the dr didn't just do it, he asked me first if I wanted it done and I made the decision to do it. I told him that it's not a guarantee that I'm going to go into labor but it's more of a manual way to jumpstart what happens naturally and that no drugs or medicine was involved. Some women report losing their mucus plug the day after cervix stretching and this morning I've noticed a little bit of mucus so now we'll just wait and see what happens.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baby Shower Pics

I finally got the shower pics uploaded. There are over 200 pics. Enjoy!!

36 Weeks Development

How your baby's growing:

Your baby is still packing on the pounds — at the rate of about an ounce a day. She now weighs almost 6 pounds (like a crenshaw melon) and is more than 18 1/2 inches long. She's shedding most of the downy covering of hair that covered her body as well as the vernix caseosa, the waxy substance that covered and protected her skin during her nine-month amniotic bath. Your baby swallows both of these substances, along with other secretions, resulting in a blackish mixture, called meconium, will form the contents of her first bowel movement. At the end of this week, your baby will be considered full-term. (Full-term is 37 to 42 weeks; babies born before 37 weeks are pre-term and those born after 42 are post-term.) Most likely she's in a head-down position. But if she isn't, your practitioner may suggest scheduling an external cephalic version,which is a fancy way of saying she'll try to coax your baby into a head-down position by manipulating her from the outside of your belly.

How your life's changing:

Now that your baby is taking up so much room, you may have trouble eating a normal-size meal. Smaller, more frequent meals are often easier to handle at this point. On the other hand, you may have less heartburn and have an easier time breathing when your baby starts to "drop" down into your pelvis. This process — called lightening — often happens a few weeks before labor if this is your first baby. (If you've given birth before, it probably won't happen before labor starts.) If your baby drops, you may also feel increased pressure in your lower abdomen, which may make walking increasingly uncomfortable, and you'll probably find that you have to pee even more frequently. If your baby is very low, you may feel lots of vaginal pressure and discomfort as well. Some women say it feels as though they're carrying a bowling ball between their legs!
You might also notice that your Braxton Hicks contractions are more frequent now. Be sure to review the signs of labor with your practitioner and find out when he wants to hear from you. As a general rule, if you're full-term, your pregnancy is uncomplicated, and your water hasn't broken, he'll probably have you wait to come in until you've been having contractions that last for about a minute each, coming every five minutes for an hour. Of course, you'll want to call right away if you notice a decrease in your baby's activity or think you're leaking amniotic fluid, or if you have any vaginal bleeding, fever, a severe or persistent headache, constant abdominal pain, or vision changes.


Yesterday at my dr. appt he didn't check me for dilation...he said next week he would start checking. When he put the doppler on my stomach he started to hear her heartbeat then she moved and he had to find it again-once he found it his other hand was towards the top of my stomach and she kicked his hand 2-3 times. He started laughing and said "You definitely have a squirmy baby...Is she always this active?" I told him I had eaten about 30 minutes before so that's why she was moving around so much. It was so funny.

He said she should be average size or possibly a bit larger than average (he never did define what "average" size was though?!?!)

He said she could be born at anytime now so he made sure I knew when to come to the hospital, asked if the car seat was in the car and if the house was ready.

I gained 4lbs in the last week but after looking at my ankles he said most of it was probably from the increase in water weight. A big change because before I had only gained 1lbs. in two weeks previously.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby Furniture and Stuff

I finally got around to taking some photos of Addison's crib and other fun itmes!! I should have the shower pictures posted on the blog in the next few days.

We had our final Lamaze class on Monday. We learned about baby care and postpartum care. We also learned about C-sections. I'm really glad we took the class because it was very informational and answered alot of our questions. We also met a few other couples that we plan to keep in touch with.

My cousin who is a nurse informed me that it is now recommended to not use baby powder on babies. They claim that the talc from the powder can cause asthma in a baby. Our Lamaze teacher stated that if you want to use baby powder to first sprinkle it in your hands away from the baby, rub together in your hands and then once the "powder cloud" is gone then rub on the baby keeping all "powder clouds" away from the baby. Just an FYI for all moms and moms to be.

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