Saturday, July 25, 2009

Video of Addison

Here's a video of Addison from this morning. She's getting so big and we just tried the bumbo seat for the first time yesterday and she really liked it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

72 hours and counting...

So my very STUBBORN/workaholic husband thought he was a gladiator last week when he decided that having a fever all week was no big deal and working in the heat with a fever was an even brighter idea...he thought that it would just go away but boy was he wrong! I nagged him all week to go to the Doctor but his response was "I haven't been to a Doctor in years, they won't do anything for me" So early Saturday morning he woke up at 3a and said he really wasn't feeling well and he thought his fever had gotten worse. So he got in the shower at 6a(so unlike him to be up early...he LOVES to sleep in) and asked me every 15 minutes what time the Urgent Care opened so he could go. So Urgent Care opened at 8a and he made sure he got there as soon as they opened. Around 9a he sent me a text saying the Doctor didn't like the way his lungs sounded and was going to do a chest x-ray. He then called me after seeing the Doctor and said the Doctor said he had pneumonia and both lungs had fluid in them-the left one was the worst of the two. The Doctor wanted to give him a shot but of course Brian is scared of needles and refused the shot or the recommendation that he go to the hospital, instead he opted for antibiotics to take at home. So once he arrived at Walgreens he called me to say that as soon as he left Urgent Care he felt really sick. He said his back hurt and he had shortness of breath(due to all the fluid in his lungs). I told him to call me back when he was on his way home. Then about 15 minutes later I get a call..."Is this Mrs. Paone...this is so and so from Walgreens pharmacy. Your husband just collasped and we've called an ambulance" OMG!! I quickly call my parents crying and ask them to pick up the baby (thank god they are in Florida for the summer and luckily they were close to the house) Once my parents arrived the lady from Walgreens called back and said that Brian had refused to go to the hospital...typical. So I went to Walgreens to pick him up and lectured him about why he needed to go to the hospital :-). He looked really sick and was really weak. He asked me to take him back to the Urgent Care and he would now get the shot. We get there and they took him back right away. The Doctor said the shot should give him some relief within 30 minutes but the antibiotics would probably take 48 hours to really get into his system and start working. We then headed home.

Late afternoon on Saturday he progressively got worse. He had severe shortness of breath and could barely talk. He kept shaking his head "No" whenever I mentioned taking him to the hospital but he finally agreed when he realized he was to the point that he was struggling to breath. Off to the hospital we went. The nurses were great but the ER Doctor was the biggest jerk EVER!!! They did chest x-rays and a breathing treatment which definitely improved his breathing. After several hours in the ER they released him. But he still had a fever that would go down for awhile but then spike back up to 103 range.

Sunday he woke up with severe back and neck pain and the fever. His breathing was much better though. But after speaking to his father on the phone his father(who lives in Boston) panicked and decided to call for an ambulance. So I'm in the living room with the baby and I hear what sounds like a semi pull up outside. I look and the fire truck and ambulance are outside in front of our house. At first I thought it was for a neighbor but then I see them coming up our driveway with a stretcher! I yelled to Brian who was in the other room if he called for the ambulance and he said No. So I open the door and say "We never called 911. They said is this address blah blah blah and I said yes but we never called" They then went back to their vehicles and after several minutes left. In the meantime Brian found out it was his Dad who called and told him that we turned them away so what do you know...about 20 minutes later the ambulance and firetruck show up again. This time I made Brian answer the door. They took his temp, pulse etc and Brian refused to go to the hospital so after he signed the refusal sheet they said if they are called out to the house for a 3rd time that they would have to take him...ugh!! Luckily there wasn't a third time! That same afternoon his mom and brother came to see him and his fever started to go down some and he was able to eat some solid foods, but then the upset stomach started.

Sunday during the night he woke up with severe back pain and a fever and said that he wanted to go back to Urgent Care in the morning to see the Doctor.

Monday morning he started getting an upset stomach and unable to keep anything in his system. We went to Urgent Care around 8:30 and didn't leave until 11:30a. We both saw the Doctor because I've started to get a sore throat and definitely don't want pneumonia. While we were there the Doctor gave Brian another shot and he almost fainted. He also got extremely nauseous. The Doctor also stated that he does have pneumonia but may also have Legionnaire's Disease. They did another breathing treatment and got him stabilized from his "almost" fainting spell and we left. The doctor wanted to admit him to the hospital but once again he refused...

Yesterday afternoon he seemed to be improving. He was able to sleep and his fever started to go down and stay down. He slept off and on last night but woke up around 4:30a coughing so bad that he started vomiting and now today he's battling the upset stomach again and not able to keep anything in. He really needs to go to the hospital again and get an IV of fluids because I believe he's getting dehydrated but he hates needles so much that he's actually scared of an IV and he's so stubborn that I can't convince him otherwise. He keeps texting me today saying "I'll drink lots of fluids, I promise" So we'll see what this afternoon brings. I just hope he gets better soon because I've never seen him this sick.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


On Addison's 2 month birthday we made her clay hand print from a hand print gift we received when she was born. The hardest part was getting her to open her hand so we could actually do the imprint. She kept putting her hand in a fist. But luckily it only took two attempts.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Weekend

We had a great weekend. First off-my car got fixed on Thursday...ended up being a corroded bolt on the battery that wasn't allowing the charge to go through. Gizmo has stopped itching (Thank God!) and has an appt with the groomer's tomorrow. We also figured out the dishwasher had a clog in the drain hose and we were unable to unclog it so now the dishwasher works glad to get all these issues resolved over the long weekend!

Addison had her 2 month Dr. appt on Friday and her first shots. She weighed 12lbs 8oz and is 23.5 inches long. She is in the 90th percentile for height and weight and is in the 50 percentile for her head size. During the shots I couldn't watch. I sat in the chair while Brian held her arms down in assistance with the nurse. When the nurse administered the first of three shots, Addison let out the most heartwrenching cry. I started crying as well...I think it was harder on me than Addison. After a minute or so she calmed down. Luckily she had no fever or side affects over the weekend from the shots. We asked the pediatrician when Addison could go in the pool and she said anytime as long as it's not too cold, so on Saturday Addison went in the pool for the first time. She loved it so much that when we took her out of the pool she started crying.

Saturday night we went to Brian's Aunt's house and they cooked out, did a trivia game throughout the night and had karaoke. We also watched the fireworks show at the Flagler Pier from their house. Addison did so good and just looked around the whole time at everyone.

Last night we took Addison to the beach for the first time. I carried her in the "Moby Wrap" that I received as a baby gift and she LOVED it. We walked up and down the beach and watched Brian fish. The couple times I tried to sit down in a chair she started to fuss because I think she liked the wrap so much. When I tried to put her feet in the sand she also fussed a bit so I just rubbed sand on her feet and she didn't seem to mind that.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

When it rains it pours

Of course when I was off for 8 weeks everything went smoothly which is nice but now my first week back to work everything keeps happening. My second day back to work I went out to my car after work and it wouldn't start. There is corrosion on the cable that goes to the positive charge on the battery. I had it cleaned three months ago when this happened, then a couple weeks ago it happened again and now this week, so instead of continuing to remove the cable and clean it I'm taking my car to the shop today after work (thankfully I'm off at noon today for the long holiday weekend) and having the cable replaced so I don't have to worry about this anymore and I definitely don't want to be stranded somewhere with the baby in the car. I do have AAA so I wouldn't be stranded for long but that's besides the point, I have an infant and need a reliable vehicle.

Then Gizmo started itching and biting at his skin a few days ago (no, it's not fleas) and he's managed to bite off almost all the hair on his upper tail and all you see is skin and now he's started to do it to his leg and foot. He's also now scared to go into the back yard so I'm thinking maybe fire ants got him or maybe it's from the chemicals sprayed on the lawn??? He does have skin allergies that flared up this time last year so it possibly could be that too. We have a medicated shampoo for him so we continue to do that in hopes that it works, if not he'll be visiting the vet SOON! I just try to avoid the vet because everytime we go our bill is in the hundreds of dollars...not sure how that happens but it does.

Then last night I realized that there was water standing in the bottom of the dishwasher. I ran the dishwasher again thinking maybe someone opened it midcycle but when I woke up this morning and the dishwasher completed the full cycle last night there was still water sitting in the bottom of it. I have noticed our shower and bathroom sink draining slowly so there must be a clog somewhere. I pray that a little bit of Draino works. So today on my way home from getting the car fixed I'm going to pick up some Draino and play Mrs. Plumber with the dishwasher.

On a positive note I have the long holiday weekend off of work and we will probably spend it at my parents house and then on the 4th we are going to Brian's aunts house who has a beachfront home to grill out, sing karaoke and watch fireworks. I'm planning on taking lots of pics that I'll post on the blog.

I hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend. Happy 4th!!
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