Thursday, July 31, 2008

How'd that happen...

So a couple weeks ago I booked an appointment for Gizmo to get neutered.

Brief history: We got Gizmo from a family November 2007. They claimed he had gotten his shots but had no records to prove it. They said he was 3 but once again they didn't know his birthdate. So in March I had his distemper, parvo and rabies shots done at a shot clinic ($7 per shot-Bargain!! You can't find those prices at the vet) So I figured he was now up to date.

So back to the neutering. Once again I had called around and was quoted $285 for pre-op tests, anesthesia and the surgery. I was shocked because I didn't think it'd be that much. Since I'm internet savvy I started looking online for cheaper options. I found a website that you can purchase a low cost certificate to get your pet spayed or neutered. It gave me an option of one vet in my area (guess we are secluded-and I thought we lived close to everything?!?!) So I called them and they said yes they accept that certificate and the only additional costs would be for pre-op bloodwork, anesthesia and pain medicine to take home. So the certificate was $64, they never did quote me on the bloodwork, and anesthesia they said would be around $50 and pain meds $20. So I'm thinking okay-that's way better than $285, so I made an appointment.

Fast forward to today. I take Gizmo to the vet. Come to find out that he didn't have two shots that he needed and they wouldn't see him until he had the shots-Corona and Bortadella. So $14 each wasn't bad so they went ahead and gave him those. Then there was pre op bloodwork and also the vet checked him out since it was Gizmo's first appointment. They also did a stool sample, pee sample, and heartworm check. Come to find out what we thought was ear mites wasn't.

1. Gizmo has a yeast infection in his ears
2. He has a skin allergy
3. He DOESN'T have heartworm but needs to be on preventative heartworm medicine.

So I end up having to get

1. Heartworm medicine
2. Prescription pills to take once a day for the ear infection
3. Ear drops 2 times a day in each ear. Quote by the vet assistant "Make sure after you put the drops in and rub his ears that you close your eyes because once he starts shaking his head all the loosened yeast will start to come out and you don't want to get this in your eyes" OH MY FREAKIN' GROSSNESS!!!!!!!!!!! I have passed this task onto Brian :o)
4. Medicated Shampoo for the skin allergy. He needs bathed in this once a week and it has to soak for 10 minutes before rinsing.

So tonight I gave him the heartworm medicine, pill for his ears, bathed him and now I'm just waiting for Brian to get home to administer the ear drops-hehehehe!!!

The shampoo is great. It's the first time ever after giving Gizmo a bath that he hasn't chewed at his skin.

Oh...Wait-I almost forgot the reason I went to the vet in the first place-neutering.

So next Friday (8th) Gizmo is going to get neutered-Add at least $50 for anesthesia, $20 for pain meds and who knows what else.

Then the following Friday (15th) we go back to have the stitches removed and post op checkup-who knows how much that will be

And lastly Friday (22nd) we go and get the booster to the two shots he got today and a checkup of his ears and skin.

So the Grand total for just today which I have no clue how that happened is...

Yep...that's disgustingly right-$300.98 before taxes. I about passed out!! And we still have three more weeks worth of visits and surgery!! How'd that happen?!?!?!?!

:::staring at Gizmo wondering if it is all worth it or not and knowing that it is but experiencing a bad case of sticker shock:::

Another's Point of View...

So my brother looked at my blog the other day and here's his response to a previous post about the "Skinny Bitch" book. He has a very valid point so I thought I'd share.

"Amber read the book skinny bitch too, and she liked it, but she read me some of the stuff and I HATE that book. The authors are not certified to talk about some of the stuff they talk about, especially the organic stuff. Obviously I work for a chemical company, but to say those things and that organic is the only healthy way, is a total FARSE!!!! It it weren't for EPA approved pesticides, there would be NO WAY we could produce as a country or globally the amount of food we currently do. And in the US for domestic consumption and for what we export globally, and for what is produced globally, we still can't produce enough food to feed the world. So if everyone produced organic food without fertilizers, pesticides, corn, soybeans, etc with traits and bioenginered crops..... we would be in a world of hurt. Plus they are all government regulated and safe to apply and use. If we couldn't spray fields with herbicides for weeds and insecticides for bugs, they would totally take over the crop and instead of getting 240 bushels per acre for corn, a person would get probably 20 bushels per acre. Sorry for the tangent, but I'm pretty passionate about that, and those women who wrote that book have no credentials to write those things in that section..... and some others."

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

St.Louis Anyone???

My brother and his wife are trying to sell their house. They are still planning on staying in the St.Louis area but want to move to the opposite side of St. Louis. They have found a new home that is in the process of being built so they still are able to add upgrades etc but it's contigent on their home selling. They really have their heart set on this new home so I'm trying to help them advertise. If you know anyone in the St.Louis area please let them know!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Evening Visitor

Brian was in the shower and I heard a loud thud. I looked in the bathroom wondering if the noise came from him or somewhere in the house...Brian said he hit his hand on the wall of the shower when he was washing his hair. So that made me feel better but as I turned back to the computer I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I couldn't make it out at first but I knew it didn't belong there...

Can you see it yet? Let's look a little closer...

Yes-a gross, slimy tree frog. So as Brian is in the shower I'm yelling at him to look at the frog. He quickly finishes his shower and starts the recovery process :-)

So he catches the frog by his body, then slipped to two legs, then one leg, then......................yep you guessed it...the frog escaped Brian's hands. I'm screaming because the frog is now in our bedroom. He starts heading towards the hallway out of the bedroom then stops and jumps behind my 800 lbs dresser. As Brian tries to reach him he then jumps under the dresser.
So we remove everything from the top of the dresser and Brian moves the dresser from the wall to get to the frog. By now I've gathered a measuring tape to reach the frog, flashlight and a magazine to create a border so the frog won't go to the opposite side of the dresser. Brian is poking the frog with the measuring tape and he won't budge-the frog is now playing dead...ugh!!!!!!!!
So Brian finally moves the dresser some more and is able to reach the frog. He has caught him but once again emits a slime and slipped right out of Brian's hands. I'm telling Brian that he better find the frog because there is NO WAY I'm going to bed with a loose frog in the house. The frog hopped away from the dresser and Brian was finally able to capture the frog.

We took him outside and placed him on the sidewalk. He took one jump towards Brian then jumped his way up the grill and into the base of the grill. Grilled frog legs anyone???

Lazy Weekend

This weekend had to be one of the laziest weekends I've had in a long long time. Also I didn't feel the greatest so that probably contributed to the laziness. Saturday we both woke up early, ate breakfast, did some light cleaning then literally sat on the couch and watched TV all day. For dinner Brian made BBQ chicken on the grill and it was PERFECT! It was tender, juicy and had tons of flavor.

On Sunday I went to the grocery store then Brian's mom stopped by. We chatted for awhile and she was headed to the beach. Brian got ready and went with her to the beach. I was feeling icky and lightheaded so I stayed home and ended up taking a 2 hour nap. Brian said last night he had the hot/cold feeling and a headache...let's hope we aren't coming down with anything. We grilled out for dinner again, watched TV and called it a weekend.

I guess sometimes it's nice to have a relaxing weekend and not do anything but I literally did nothing this weekend.

Today I'm going to the gym after work for the first time in several weeks. Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Love Snacks...

As Brian always says..."Sara loves snacks" Since the wedding is over and I no longer have to worry about fitting into my dress I've enjoyed eating all the things I cut out of my diet for 11 months. Lately I've been craving Fig Newtons but after reading the "Skinny Bitch" book a couple posts below I've opted for the organic version called Fig Newmans. They are Soooooooooo Good!!! Better than the original fig newtons.

And my new favorite drink is V8 Fusion-Acai Berry. It's a full serving of fruits and vegetables and it's yummy!! So I'm starting to drift away from low carb and get back into things that are healthy for me.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fish Pedicure?!?!

I saw this on the news last night and thought how bizarre but unique also. It stuck out in my mind so much that I actually had a dream last night that I had a fish was pretty funny! Here's the story from
Pay to have fish nibble the skin off your feet
ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (AP) -- Ready for the latest in spa pampering? Prepare to dunk your tootsies in a tank of water and let tiny carp nibble away.
Fish pedicures are creating something of a splash in the D.C. area, where a northern Virginia spa has been offering them for the past four months. John Ho, who runs the Yvonne Hair and Nails salon with his wife, Yvonne Le, said 5,000 people have taken the plunge so far.

"This is a good treatment for everyone who likes to have nice feet," Ho said.
He said he wanted to come up with something unique while finding a replacement for pedicures that use razors to scrape off dead skin. The razors have fallen out of favor with state regulators because of concerns about whether they're sanitary.

Ho was skeptical at first about the fish, which are called garra rufa but typically known as doctor fish. They were first used in Turkey and have become popular in some Asian countries.
But Ho doubted they would thrive in the warm water needed for a comfortable footbath. And he didn't know if customers would like the idea.

"I know people were a little intimidated at first," Ho said. "But I just said, 'Let's give it a shot.' "
Customers were quickly hooked.
Tracy Roberts, 33, of Rockville, Maryland, heard about it on a local radio show. She said it was "the best pedicure I ever had" and has spread the word to friends and co-workers.
"I'd been an athlete all my life, so I've always had calluses on my feet. This was the first time somebody got rid of my calluses completely," she said.

First time customer KaNin Reese, 32, of Washington, described the tingling sensation created by the toothless fish: "It kind of feels like your foot's asleep," she said.

The fish don't do the job alone. After 15 to 30 minutes in the tank, customers get a standard pedicure, made easier by the soft skin the doctor fish leave behind.

Ho believes his is the only salon in the country to offer the treatment, which costs $35 for 15 minutes and $50 for 30 minutes. The spa has more than 1,000 fish, with about 100 in each individual pedicure tank at any given time.

Dennis Arnold, a podiatrist who four years ago established the International Pedicure Association, said he had never heard of the treatment and doubts it will become widespread.
"I think most people would be afraid of it," he said.

Customer Patsy Fisher, 42, of Crofton, Maryland, admitted she was nervous as she prepared for her first fish pedicure. But her apprehension dissolved into laughter after she put her feet in the tank and the fish swarmed to her toes.
"It's a little ticklish, actually," she said.

Ho said the hot water in which the fish thrive doesn't support much plant or aquatic life, so they learned to feed on whatever food sources were available -- including dead, flaking skin. They leave live skin alone because, without teeth, they can't bite it off.

In addition to offering pedicures, Ho hopes to establish a network of Doctor Fish Massage franchises and is evaluating a full-body fish treatment that, among other things, could treat psoriasis and other skin ailments.

Ho spent a year and about $40,000 getting the pedicures up and running, with a few hiccups along the way.

State regulations make no provision for regulating fish pedicures. But the county health department -- which does regulate pools -- required the salon to switch from a shallow, tiled communal pool that served as many as eight people to individual tanks in which the water is changed for each customer.

The communal pool also presented its own problem: At times the fish would flock to the feet of an individual with a surplus of dead skin, leaving others with a dearth of fish.
"It would sometimes be embarrassing for them but it was also really hilarious," Ho said.

Monday, July 21, 2008

An Interesting Read

CJ first told me about this book and it sounded really interesting so luckily for my birthday she bought me the book. I finished reading it and all I can say is "WOW" It definitely opened my eyes to many things. It's full of facts about the cruelty of animals in slaughterhouses, negative affects of different foods that I had no clue. It pushes the vegan factor but I was born in cow country so I'll always eat beef but may cut back on other things that I eat. It is a must read just for the all the facts that it holds...truly mindblowing.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Turning 30

Today marks one month since turning 30. I have to admit in the months leading up to 30 I was dreading it but as it got closer I was actually looking forward to it. My 20's were so great that the 30's can only get better-right?!?! For my birthday my friends Francesca and Bridget threw me and CJ a surprise birthday party at the OceanDeck in Daytona Beach.

They had the best cake EVER made!

After several years of long hair I also cut my hair the day before

We all had TONS to drink...and here's a couple of my favorite drinking pictures...

My two Florida BFF's- CJ and Francesca

And I got an amazing gift-A picture from the wedding of Me and Brian holding hands during the ceremony

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Bridesmaids are Famous!!

Ok so not famous in the celebrity sense but famous in the wedding sense. I had our bridesmaids dresses made by Aria Dress and we are featured on their website in their Wedding Albums. Page 2, 5th Row down on the right...with time I'm sure the picture will move from page 1 but for now we are there to stay!!! Haha!!! Check it out!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Rock...

Brian is definitely my rock. He's the most considerate, kind, giving and loving person I know. Since the beginning of our relationship he has always put me first and always asks "How are you" He treats me like a princess everyday and I'm so blessed that he is now my husband. Several times a day he tells me how much he loves me and how much I mean to him. He is so expressive with his feelings and makes me feel so loved. I love him for all that he is and all he aspires to be. We have so much fun together and he has such an adventurous side to him and he's so ambitious-he sets goals and he strives to attain them. He works so hard everyday and if it weren't for him we wouldn't be where we are at this point in our lives. I can't wait for us to start a family because I know he'll be the best Dad ever! There is no way to measure the amount of love we have for each other. Thanks for being my rock...I love you!

:::stepping off of my soapbox:::

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sea World

Yesterday Brian and I went to Sea World. Neither of us had been there since we were little. We had a great time. The park is amazing and there is so much to see. To our surprise they had a special where Florida residents pay for a day and come back the rest of the year for free! We are planning on going back in the future to see some more of the night shows and go to a nice dinner there. The shows were great-especially the Shamu "Believe" show and the Blue Horizons show with dolphins and whales. Our favorite exhibit was probably the penguins and the Wild Artic that had Polar bears and Beluga whales.

I forgot to charge the camera battery on Saturday so I only got a few pics on my camera before the battery died and had to resort to my camera phone for pictures during the Shamu show. Bummer...but next time we go I will make sure to charge my camera battery beforehand :-)

Here's a few pics from our day at Sea World.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Sword

So last night I had the worst headache ever!! I managed to make dinner (bbq ribs) because I didn't want the meat to spoil but as soon as it was done I went to bed without eating. Brian got home around 9:30p and so I got up to eat a banana, take some more tylenol and show him something on the internet then back to bed I went.

A little history...In the last few months Brian has started randomly talking during his sleep-it's only happened a couple times though...So Brian wakes up in a panic and says something-I ignore him thinking he'll go back to sleep but he always makes sure I respond...of course I awake when he wakes up so suddenly because it scares me thinking he hears something in the house. So when I don't respond he says "Hey" but he's not looking at me so I know he's "sleep talking" I said "What" He says "The sword is in the bed" I laugh to myself thinking WTF is he talking about-the sword?!?! Whatever. I said "Ok" so then he rolled on his side and didn't say another word. So this morning before leaving for work I asked him what he was dreaming about last night-he said he didn't remember so I asked if he was dreaming about medieval times and I told him about his "The sword is in the bed"...of course he didn't believe me because he doesn't think he "sleep talks" I think it's hilarious!!!

Maybe he was knighted last night-I will now refer to him as Sir Brian...Haha!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

2 Months!!

It's been a fabulous two months since our dream wedding in Mexico. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. I have to admit I did get the post wedding blues for a couple weeks after the wedding. It was hard to adjust back to some sort of normalcy after 11 months of day to day wedding planning. We have been busy the last couple of months. Brian's Dad and brother and my friend Shelly visited for a long weekend over Father's Day. We had a great time grilling out and spending time at the beach. Then a couple weeks after they left my parents came for about 5 days. We hung up pictures, filled photo albums with pictures from the wedding, did lots of landscaping, re-arranged some furniture, etc. We got alot of stuff done that I had put on the back burner while wedding planning.

The 4th of July we went to the beach during the day with Brian's mom then spent the evening at Aunt Diane's house. We had a blast!!! We cooked out, sang karaoke, watched fireworks and enjoyed some beverages.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why Not??

It seems these days everyone has blogs so I figured why not? I'm addicted to the computer anyways so now having a blog can fuel my addiction. Hopefully this will be a great way to keep in touch with family/friends and give everyone updates on "Our Breezy Beach Life"

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